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We need your cooperation to ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date information about all Old Publicans. Therefore, please send us your personal details including "Then" and "Now" photographs.


We also need your support to ensure that this website becomes a treasure trove of memorabilia. Therefore, we request you to send us all relevant information that you have about our old school including photographs, certificates, magazines, and other memorabilia.


Lastly we need your comments and suggestions to improve the Old Publicans website so that it continues to be the Glue that Binds.


You can submit "Personal Details", "Memorabilia", and "Comments and Suggestions" by clicking on the links given below.


Personal Details


Please submit your Personal Details, including name, email address, telephone contact, address, summary profile, and photographs that you want to share. To submit Personal Details, please click here.




Please submit photographs, certificates, magazines, and any other memorabilia from the golden days of our old school. To submit Memorabilia, please click here.


Comments and Suggestions


Please submit your comments and suggestions to improve the website or any aspect related to the Publican Alumni Trust (PAT). To submit Comments and Suggestions, please click here.


Membership of PAT


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Publican Alumni Trust (PAT), fill in the Application Form and send it to the PAT Secretariat at A8(a) Navy Housing Scheme, Zam Zama, Clifton, Karachi. To download the form please click here.