All of us have fond memories of our great school. These pages will take you down memory lane and you may find your name in the Admissions Register, an article by you in the magazine, an old photo of you and your friends and teachers, or other nostalgic information. Click on the Memories button at the top and select the section you want to go to, or click on the links below to go to a specific section.

Admissions Register


The Admissions Register has been maintained in pristine condition by the school staff for the last 50 years. Some pages have been included here for your viewing. Unfortunately space constraints do not allow us to keep the whole register. Click here for more.



We have been able to locate some of the old school magazines. These magazines can be viewed by by going to the Magazines section. Please send us any magazines that you might have so that we can upload them to the website. Click here for more.

Photograph Albums


Photographs from yesteryears have been collected and put here for your viewing. Many have been scanned from old magazines and as such the quality may be low at times. Please support us by sending in more photographs. Click here for more.



All other information submitted by Old Publicans which cannot be categorized in the above categories will be placed here. Currently this section contains School ID Cards, Report Cards, Certificates, etc. Click here for more.